Have you experienced or witnessed police violence? Then you have come to the right place. At “Police Reporting Center” we aim to document cases of disproportionate or unjustified police violence and lend our support to those affected by it. We anonymously collect data on these cases which is analyzed and published in a yearly report on police violence in Austria. Through this work we hope that many previously undocumented cases can be reported. With greater report we hope that the issue of police violence can be discussed based on a much broader set of data. Our reports also include an overview of ongoing related research and political debates. Additionally, we support victims of police violence who reach out to us with obtaining legal aid or psycho-social support, if requested.

Know your rights! In co-operation with friendly lawyers we offer workshops with a limited number of participants about the legal situation in Austria. At these you can find out about your rights in cases of police violence and unlawful police conduct, we will also cover how you can protect your rights legally. Once a year we organize a seminar where we present our yearly report and give an opportunity for our partner organizations to present their own work. The seminar gives a platform for extensive theoretical and practical discussion on “police violence” in Austria and beyond.